Chemezov's wife sells house on Rublevskoe highway after Sechin bought nearby land plot 

Chemezov's wife sells house on Rublevskoe highway after Sechin bought nearby land plot
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Vedomosti has learned that the wife of the General Director of Rostec Corporation Yekaterina Ignatova put up a three-story house for sale in the Barvikha village after the Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin had bought a neighboring land plot in 2014.

The spouse of Sergey Chemezov has decided to sell the purchased land area of 1.6 hectares with a newly built three-story house, the media source reported. However, real estate experts, interviewed by Vedomosti, believe that she will not be able do so. Before the crisis, the price of this palace was about 40-50 million USD, and now the potential buyers will hardly want to pay such sum for it.

In 2014, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin acquired three hectares of land in the neighborhood. At the same time its adjacent areas were registered on his children, Inga and Ivan, as well as on a certain Varvara Sechina, unidentified member of the official’s family.

In October 2015, a house on the Rublevskoe highway with an area of 4442.5 square meters (the house with the same area was stated in Chemezov’s declaration) appeared on the websites of several real estate agencies.

"The hell is more likely to freeze over than Sechin and Chemezov to become neighbors. Too often they shared the same interests," a source of Vedomosti commented on Ignatova’s swift decision to get rid of the mansion.

Georgian trail

This summer, the house of Chemezov’s wife has already been featured in a fraud scandal, when Ekaterina Ignatova accused a famous architect Nana Hernandez Getashvili, who worked on it, in failing to fulfill the obligations of the interior works.

The case was filed after the incident in 2009, when Hernandez Getashvili headed the NG Cinema company, which concluded contracts for interior design with Ignatova and CEO of Onexim Dmitry Razumov. According to the documents, she received 9 million EUR and 3 million USD from them, but soon the parties faced controversy that the plaintiffs decided to resolve only in court.

The criminal case against Hernandez Getashvili was opened under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). At the same time, the architect herself learned about the persecution only from the media.



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