Chelyabinsk Edinaya Rossiya members do not want to be led by OCG ex-leader Yuri Kazak

Chelyabinsk Edinaya Rossiya members do not want to be led by OCG ex-leader Yuri Kazak
Yuri Panov

On November 15, a meeting of the Metallurgical district Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) political council was planned, where the members of the Board intended to express nonconfidence to the leader of the Edinaya Rossiya local branch Yuri Panov.

However, the meeting did not take place and this branch of Edinaya Rossiya is still headed by former leader of Cossacks OCG Yuri Panov; in the '90s, he led the famous gang.

This fact was disclosed just recently and created a furore among the deputies, reported. The fact that Panov has three outstanding convictions became known only in 2014. Just now articles were disclosed.

The scandal erupted in the organization, when party members found out the details of the tumultuous past of the leader, who headed the Cossacks OCG in due time.

Yuri Kazak, who changed his name to Panov after last release, was convicted of possession a weapon and kidnapping.

He especially did not hide it, but did not advertise, after the liberation from the colony he led law-abiding lives, was engaged in business and did quite a bit for the party. Despite his prestige among the majority of party members as soon as it became known about the criminal past of Panov, many of them expressed their unwillingness to work under the former bandit.

Of the 19 people 15 voted in favor of distrust, one was against, three abstained.

Panov first said he was willing to do anything that party comrades would offer him, but the report-back conference was postponed. Currently, the Central Board of Edinaya Rossiya learns this situation.



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