Chechen Ministry of Culture admits censorship and pressure on bloggers

Chechen Ministry of Culture admits censorship and pressure on bloggers
The Chechen Minister of Culture reprimands young people of unauthorized creativity.

“Pseudo-artists” were considered a national threat and banned them from performing without permission from the authorities.

The Ministry of Culture of Chechnya told about searching bloggers on the Internet, who sing national songs and performing folk dances without the permission of the special commission of the Ministry. Such “pseudo-artists” should be eradicated, according to the republican Ministry of Culture. The Chechen Minister of Culture, Khozh-Baudi Daayev, meets with popular bloggers and personally explains the damage they cause to the national culture, the television channel Grozny reports.

“People are well aware that if a person wants to become an artist, he must have his own songs, his own repertoire. For a few years now, on the instructions of the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich, a special commission has been operating that checks repertoires, song lyrics and much more. Only after the approval of the song by the commission can the music be released to the people,” Khozh-Baudi Daayev said.

The Ministry of Culture of Chechnya believes that “Chechen artists are [supposed to wear] a strict outfit and perform modestly,” and there are enough projects and platforms for displaying talent in the republic except for social networks and YouTube. The TV channel reports that the Ministry of Culture will continue to identify unauthorized artists who increase the risk of “losing creative identity” and act outside the framework of “established norms in Chechen society.”



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