‘Certain people’ created monopoly on cash register sale

‘Certain people’ created monopoly on cash register sale
Deputy Andrey Lugovoy told about the monopoly on the cash register market

According to State Duma deputies, businessmen are forced to buy fiscal drives ten times more expensive than their cost price.

At a meeting, State Duma Deputy Andrey Lugovoy said that because of the new law on cash register equipment, businessmen are obliged to buy fiscal drives ten times more expensive than their cost, of which ‘certain people’ profit off, RBC reports. According to the parliamentarian, the FSB has certified only one type of fiscal drive for the new cash registers. 

Lugovoy believes that a number of certain companies make a profit on the new law; he mentioned such companies as Atlas-kart CJSC, Rik LLC, and Bezant CJSC, the beneficiary of which is a certain Vladimir Alekseevich Shcherbakov. All companies are linked to him in one way or another. The website of Avangard-Elektronik LLC TSC provides the full position of Shcherbakov’s namesake - Representative of the Ministry of Communications Russia (by agreement) at the Advisory Expert Council on Control and Cash Technics of the Federal Agency for Industry. It should be noted that Rosprom (Federal Agency for Industry of Russia) was eliminated in 2008.

A representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed the deputy’s words. He said that today the price of a drive can reach 15 thousand rubles (255 dollars). At the same time, as Lugovoy noted, not a dime of this money is paid to the budget.

Other drive sellers are unable to obtain permission to trade from the 8th center of the FSB due to the unclear requirements for the device. According to the deputy, this has been done deliberately by one of the senior officials in order to monopolize the market. Lugovoy recalled a similar situation with tachographs and EKLZ (cash register element that remembers transaction amounts), when only Atlas-kart CJSC was certified by the FSB.

The deputies promised to send inquiries to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Federal Antimonopoly Service for checking of the situation. Apart from that, Lugovoy is going to amend the legislation to delay the transfer of business to online cash desks by at least one year. 

A representative of the 8th center of the FSB, present at the meeting, confirmed that only one company had passed the certification at the time. According to the publication, the company in question is RIK LLC. As the security official reported, the checking of Shtrikh-M’s products was in the final phase. He stated that, in addition to the above-mentioned companies, only one company had submitted an application. The Prosecutor General’s Office representative said that the office had not received any complaints concerning the legislation on cash registers.

In June 2016, the law on the transfer of business to cash registers capable of sending data to the Federal Tax Service online was passed. Up to 2017, the use of such equipment was a voluntary affair, however, starting from July 1, 2017, the transition to such devices is mandatory for all. Commercial structures are required to connect the ‘smart technology’ to computers with the necessary software that will generate electronic checks. After this, the businessmen will have to sign a contract with one of the fiscal data operators, which will transfer information to the tax inspection.



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