Capable-of-anything former FCS Head Belyaninov expecting Putin's decision

Capable-of-anything former FCS Head Belyaninov expecting Putin's decision
Andrey Belyaninov

Former chief customs officer of Russia Andrey Belyaninov wants to return to the civil service.

Former Head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrey Belyaninov expects his appointment to the civil service. He hopes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will propose him a new job, but the ex-customs officer does not know in which sector.

"I inextricably associate my future with the service to the state", - the ex-official said to RNS agency. Belyaninov expressed his willingness to go to any service.

"I'll be working where the president puts me, I am able to do any job: I can wash the toilets, be governor", - he said.

The former FCS Head said that he was ready get any job, even not the most high-paying one, as he is not "very poor".

Belyaninov used to be the Head of the FCS for 10 years from 2006 to 2016. On July 26 last year the Investigative Committee of Russia conducted searches at Belyaninov and his deputies in the framework of a criminal investigation of alcohol smuggling organized by St. Petersburg billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko. The investigators found 9.5 million rubles ($164 thousand), 390 thousand dollars and 350 thousand euros stored in shoes boxes in the undeclared house of the FCS head. Belyaninov explained that it was his personal savings saying that began to save money a long time ago. Apparently, then he also started collecting old paintings, clocks and jewelry (also discovered during the search).


Investigators believed Belyaninov and he remained as a witness in the case. A few days later he wrote a letter of resignation on his own free will.

In August 2016 RNS sources reported that Belyaninov was considered as a candidate for the post of the Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB).



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