Bryansk Prosecutor’s Office exposed officials for concealing property and income

Bryansk Prosecutor’s Office exposed officials for concealing property and income

In Bryansk region, a Prosecutor’s check has revealed concealment of income and property by local officials.

In the Bryansk region, officials have concealed part of their income and property, failing to indicate it in declarations. This fact became known after the local media received materials of the prosecutor's check.

As it turned out, the regional prosecutor’s office had conducted an audit of asset and income declaration filed by local officials. As a result, it became clear that not all of them disclosed the information about their welfare in good faith.

The following officials are included in the Prosecutor’s Office’s list:

- Deputy Head of Administration Lyudmila Goncharova. The official did not report that her husband is the owner of a land plot and a garage;

- Deputy Head of Administration Anton Verbitsky concealed the existence of his and his wife’s bank deposits.

In addition, the prosecutor's office has claims against the heads of Fokinsky and Volodarsky district administrations, as well as Chairman of the Committee for Housing and Utilities Igor Ginkin and chairman of the city’s Sport Committee. In addition, invalid data has also been detected in the declarations of a number of officials.

As a result, the regional prosecutor's office appealed to Head of Administration Aleksandr Makarov with the requirement to eliminate the revealed violations.

One of the leaders of the local administration told media that the claims of the prosecutor's office are related to the fact that declarations contained incorrect information about small-scale income and low-cost assets, such as sheds and garages. “Some forgot to specify additional income of 200 rubles and other small things. Certainly, you need to specify everything, but on the whole, the officials have gained a more responsible approach to filling declarations,” the administration employees commented on the situation.



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