Bryansk deputy Kolomeytsev wants prostitution legalized

Bryansk deputy Kolomeytsev wants prostitution legalized
Aleksandr Kolomeytsev

Aleksandr Kolomeytsev, the Bryansk regional council Deputy, businessman with a large family, spoke for legalization of prostitution in the country.

The Deputy, who previously had criticized the current Government, now is proposing to legalize prostitution on Bryansk TV show Vdrebezgi.

The Deputy argues that nowadays many of the "civilized nations" have legalized prostitution. Kolomeytsev addressed his proposal to State Duma deputies Nikolai Valuev and Valentina Mironova, since, in his view, they were the ones who could speak to President Putin about it.

"Nikolai Sergeyevich, I would like you to ask questions. Prostitutes vote too, they are people who are not just after sex, they also need something to eat. Protect them, protect those who need them, from diseases and from infections," Aleksandr Kolomeytsev admonished.

However, the businessman did not say exactly how many prostitutes had voted for him during the Bryansk election. He also did not specify whether he intended to provide the hotels he owns for new brothels.



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