Bryansk authorities representative responds to complaints about bad roads 

Bryansk authorities representative responds to complaints about bad roads
Sergey Tsukanov

The director of the management company came to Suzemka on the instructions of the local administration to deal with the puddles and refused to notice them.

In the village of Suzemka, the Bryansk Region, the director of the management company Suzemkakomservis, Sergey Tsukanov, stoke up the war of words with a local resident and got nasty with her, refusing to delve into the settlement’s problem – lack of roads. It was to address this issue that the district administration sent Tsukanov as its representative, but the latter, who drives a SUV, refused to notice huge puddles on the roads, Bryanskaya ulitsa reports.

“I'll slap you right in the snout! Do you understand? ... off from here,” Tsukanov swore after a local resident slammed the hood of his car that almost hit her.

The woman tried to attract his attention to the road, because of which schoolchildren have difficulties going to school and home.

The Suzem administration suggested that the woman herself provoked Tsukanov to be rude. According to the head of the administration, Boris Slipukhov, Tsukanov got a sick leave on February 11.

In September, the prosecutor's office for the Bryansk Region checked the activities of the Suzemkakomservis and revealed violations in the maintenance of an apartment building, which needed repair.



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