Bonus in law: Dmitry Strashnov keeps his post

Bonus in law: Dmitry Strashnov keeps his post
Current Head of FSUE Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov

The employment contract with Dmitry Strashnov, who was on the hook of the Prosecutor General's Office after the award totaling 95 million rubles, will be extended for six months.

On behalf of the Government the Ministry of Communications will extend the contract with current Head of FSUE Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov till July 1, 2017. The future of Strashnov will depend on the results of his work during this time, according to Kommersant.

As the newspaper writes citing a source in the Government, the Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolay Nikiforov has already signed a contract. The employment contract is concluded for six months.

In November 2016, Dmitry Strashnov drew the attention of the Prosecutor General's Office. It turned out that the Head of the Ministry of Communications prepared an order to increase the maximum level of Russian Post’s top management salaries; according to the document, the salary of the Russian Post’s General Director could be up to 10 million rubles a month. By results of 2014, Strashnov earned an award in the amount of 95.4 million rubles, instead of the 3.2 million rubles.

As representatives of the supervisory authority found out, in 2014, at the conclusion of a contract with Dmitry Strashnov, the maximum allowable value of the consideration was not determined. In this case, the employment contract was not adopted by the Government, despite the fact that a compliance with this requirement is provided for federal state unitary enterprises (FSUE).

As a result, first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman handed materials of a criminal case against the Russian Post Head for abuse of authority, as well as against two officials of the Ministry of Communications under negligence to the ICR. As Kommersant notes, now, there is the verification of these materials.

Recall, the current contract has been signed with Strashnov in April of 2014. The contract shall continue until April of 2019. At the same time, Minister Nikolay Nikiforov suggested Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich to reorder FSUEs managers’ payroll. Such a decision would lead to an increase of Dmitry Strashnov’s salary from 250 thousand rubles to 3.7 million rubles per month. But the proposal was rejected by the Minister.

By the way, the idea to renew Dmitry Strashnov’s contract for six months also belongs to Nikolay Nikiforov.



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