Big cleaning up. Prosecutor’s office of Leningrad Region may face massive personnel replacements 

Big cleaning up. Prosecutor’s office of Leningrad Region may face massive personnel replacements
Boris Markov began his “crusade” with regional prosecutor's offices Photo: the CrimeRussia

Our sources have not told yet whether indicative revelations of representatives of ex-prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov’s team are coming, but note that such turn of events is quite possible.⁠

Only three months have passed since the moment of official appointment of the new prosecutor of the Leningrad region Boris Markov and the supervising department already ‘shakes’ in anticipation of personnel ‘cleanings’, which are expected in the nearest future. The situation in regional prosecutor's office reminds gradually waking up volcano – today everyone is waiting how many people of the disgraced ex-prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov will say goodbye to their chairs and how many security officers from adjacent departments will fall into disgrace of the new prosecutor.

New broom

On February 7, 2017 the state councilor of justice of third class Markov Boris Petrovich entered the building of prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region with strong gait. That day he was officially presented as the new prosecutor of the Leningrad Region. Representation to the staff and prosecutors of areas was carried out by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Gutsan. Faces of attendees were strained and serious. The new head did not hide the intentions “to bring appropriate order on places”.

Станислав Иванов

Stanislav Ivanov at his position

The fact that personnel cleaning is inevitable was already clear by then when a criminal case was initiated against prosecutor of the Leningrad Region Ivanov. The scandal story with a bribe in 20 million a funeral echo has responded in ears of the former appointees of the general. And all prosecutors of areas should worry first, new head of prosecutor's office Boris Markov has begun the ‘crusade’ from them. This time methods of public prosecutor's reaction are reflected not in reports and figures, but in communication with the indignant inhabitants: for March and April Markov has visited Priozersk, Podporozhye, Luga, Kingisepp and Slantsy.

It was interesting to observe how messages, more vigorously than one another, began to appear in a news feed on website of a department after visit of areas. For example, in Priozersk ‘sins’ of municipal employees who have paid penalties not from the means, but from budgetary were found almost right there. Then there were also bases for initiation of two criminal cases under part 3 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Waste made by person with use of official position). And in Luga after listening of inhabitants the local prosecutor was not slow to submit a number of claim requirements to administration of the area to the Luga City Court. It is necessary to tell that complaints of citizens from Luga, Podporozhya, Priozersk, Kingisepp and Slantsy were almost all about the same. People, as a rule, complained of problems in housing sector and on actions or inaction of law enforcement agencies. The new head of department will visit other areas in the nearest future.

But so it happened that Boris Markov's appointment has coincided with time of summing up of 2016. Results turned out approximately following: the Vyborg and Luga city prosecutor's offices, and also the Leningrad prosecutor's office behind compliance with laws in correctional facilities as they have presented the best results of work became winners of a competition among prosecutor's offices.

Борис Марков

Boris Markov  

The general results and results of public prosecutor's work were less cheerful and places absolutely unfavourable. So, on February 17, 2017 enlarged meeting of board on summing up work in 12 months 2016 with participation of the adviser to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Tatyana Vasilyeva and heads of different ranks and divisions took place there. The question of efficiency of preliminary investigation and public prosecutor's supervision in the sphere of criminal prosecution were discussed at a meeting. If to translate from office language into Russian – they discussed how prosecutors supervise criminal cases and how carefully they watch how colleagues from investigating authorities conduct investigations and whether they follow the law. By the way, Tatyana Vasilyeva tactfully noted that work of prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region was ‘intense and system’, but legality and law and order ‘should be strengthened’. It means that work in 2016 was, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory, especially in the sphere of fight against corruption. About it Boris Markov did not fail to note in the performance, declaring that, “despite the measures taken by prosecutors, considerably it was not succeeded to improve a situation on this direction”.


According to prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region, in 2016 prosecutors of the region in the specified sphere have revealed over 12 thousand violations of the law, in 2 months 2017 of nearly 2 thousand. By results of consideration of the introduced acts of reaction, for the analyzed period over one thousand officials of law enforcement agencies are brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Solutions by force

Besides, the new prosecutor has seriously undertaken a sore ‘forest’ subject which has been a problem for several decades. Many criminals have grown and were learned on the story with illegal deforestation in storerooms and wildlife areas of the Leningrad Region. Already for many years perfect ‘round timber’ under the guise of firewood go to Suomi to the great delight of the Finnish businessmen. And harmless locals who decided to earn additionally on a wood cut have turned into steady criminal groups long ago.

This and other problems of forest exploitation were discussed in prosecutor's office at a meeting of the permanent working group with participation of representatives of Administration of the Federal Security Service in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the General Administration of Internal Affairs, General Investigative Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. High ranks developed mechanisms of fight against the crimes committed by organized gangs. Judging by the reports uploaded later on the website mechanisms of such opposition nevertheless “were developed”. How effective they will appear, it will be possible to understand in the fall when active ‘hunting’ for ‘black woodcutters’ ends.

At the end of March there was not less impressive event. Boris Markov held a coordination meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies of the region. There were all top officials of security agencies, such as the Investigative Committee across the Leningrad Region, Federal Bailiff Service, Federal Fire-Fighting Service, Border management of FSB of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, and also representatives of Federal Treasury and Control Accounts Chamber of the Russian federation and prosecutors of all ranks. The speech of the new prosecutor was short and sad. In particular, Markov noted that “violations of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens are allowed by law enforcement agencies of area at all stages of a pre-judicial stage of criminal legal proceedings”. Other remarks of the general were not less sad. Thus, he said many unflattering things concerning investigation of criminal cases and quality of the investigation in general. Special emphasis in a discussion with other high-ranking security officers was placed on the facts of illegal involvement of citizens to criminal liability. Also it was noted that it is impossible to call the taken measures for anti-corruption exhaustive, as the level of this category of crimes in the area remains very high.


According to prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region, the quantity of bribes in 2016 has increased by 40% (30 facts of taking of bribes), but on this background the quantity of the facts of bribery (38 facts) has decreased by 25,5%, the mediation facts in bribes (14 cases) began to be elicited.

In 2016 the total volume of the bribes recorded in the territory of the area has made 6,5 million rubles. The average sum of bribe has made 13 thousand rubles, and when receiving − 26 thousand rubles.

Shots and shifts

Rumors that Markov will ‘bring up’ his team to the Leningrad Region were confirmed in the middle of April. Then by the order of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation No. 375-K from 4/21/2017 the senior adviser of justice Mikhail Ustinovsky was appointed the deputy prosecutor of the Leningrad region. But it as tell in a lobby, only the beginning.

Sources of the CrimeRussia noted the unusual course of the new prosecutor at the very beginning of his activity. Boris Markov has gone to look at a so-called public prosecutor's reserve. Naturally, such ‘shows’ just like that do not take place. On the website of the department it is noted that “Boris Petrovich visited the public prosecutor's workers consisting in a reserve of shots for promotion at a position of prosecutors of the cities and areas and held at them a final exam”. It means that large personnel shifts prepare and in places they can be unexpected because ‘fresh blood’ to prosecutor's office of the Leningrad Region, and in particular to areas, is necessary as air.


Pavel Radionov

Also Markov sharply reacted to a situation with a bribe of the deputy prosecutor of the Volosovo district. Pavel Radionov demanded from one businessman a bribe, in exchange promising not to bring the last to administrative responsibility. During the transfer of 80 thousand rubles the prosecutor was detained. But it was still half the problem: having learned about an incident, Markov, according to some information, fell into rage and on the same day ordered to dismiss the fault prosecutor “for violation of the oath and commission of the offense discrediting honor of the public prosecutor's worker”. According to sources, it was “indicative flogging” and a signal to all to the remaining employees of regional prosecutor's offices: “The big Brother will watch you”. Will watch especially fixedly prosecutors of areas. which work at the places for more than 10 years and as it is said, “have grown roots”.

Sources report that personnel shifts will happen closer by a holiday season – an opportunity without special noise to go on leave and not to return from him will be used. Whether indicative revelations of representatives of team of the ex-prosecutor Ivanov − are coming our sources do not tell yet, but note that such turn of events is quite possible.



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