Belyi Lebed' colony founder died

Belyi Lebed' colony founder died
Vasily Snytserev

Major General of the Federal Penitentiary Service died in Ulyanovsk.

In Ulyanovsk, 91-year-old Major General of the FSIN Vasily Snytserev died, he founded the Belyi Lebed' (White Swan) colony for cracking thieves-in-law. During the ten years of Snytserev’s service, five thousand convicts passed through the settlement, nearly 130 kingpins refused the thieves' titles. The press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Ulyanovsk region reports.

Snytserev worked in various positions in the Tomsk and Arkhangelsk regions, in Magadan, Chukotka, and the Kargopol labor camp. In 1953, he eliminated the unrest in the Kolyma camp, which was provoked by thief in law Predator, convicted of seven murders.

In the late 60s, colony No. 5 was built in Dimitrovgrad under the supervision of Snytserev, In 1980, Snytserev headed the Usol Department of Forest Correctional Labor Institutions, at the same time the Belyi Lebed' for the re-education of ideological thieves was created.

In 1990, Snytserev retired and moved to Ulyanovsk, where he led the veteran movement. Over the years of service, Major General received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, eight medals, the badge "Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs." The funeral was held on August 27.



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