Belgorod civil servant dismissed from Belgorod City Hall after noisy corporate party

Belgorod civil servant dismissed from Belgorod City Hall after noisy corporate party
Evgeny Ershov

Evgeny Ershov has been dismissed from the City Hall. He used to be head of the City Department for Administration of Consumer Market.

He was dismissed due to his behavior during the New Year corporate party that resulted in him being taken into custody.

The Department civil servants celebrated the New Year with their superior in a City restaurant on December 29. They moved to a rental apartment in on Korolyov Street later that day. They continued parting noisily there. The house residents got enough of it eventually and called police.

The district police officer came upon the call. He tried to calm the civil servant and his subordinates, but they did not listen to him. Then, he started recoding what was going on his phone. City Hall employees did not like it; they knocked the phone from the officer’s hands and hit him around the neck several times.

The drunk employees were taken to a police station as a result. Officers made an administrative offence report. The Regional Office of the MIA of the Russian Federation in the City confirmed the story. However, it did not name any of the offenders. Moreover, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Belgorod Region launched an investigation of nonconformance with a police order.

It is worth mentioning that Ershov was dismissed next day, December 30; absence from work was given as the official reason. Another important detail is the fact that the carousing civil servant was known as a proponent of 'moral heath' of citizens. For example, he put significant effort into cancelling a concert of Pornofilmi, a Moscow punk rock band, that was to be held in September 2016. The City Hall said they will be better off not holding the concert, otherwise the City Hall will find a way to ‘deal’ with their business, according to Oleg Proskokov, a Belgorod event manager. At the same time, Ershov presented this information in much less confrontational light. He said that he had looked into the band’s repertoire and decided it is not good for the city residents, since the band’s songs contain a lot of cursing.



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