Authorities are willing to spend 41 bln rubles for construction of Supreme Court building in St. Petersburg

Authorities are willing to spend 41 bln rubles for construction of Supreme Court building in St. Petersburg
Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Russian authorities are willing to spend 41 billion rubles from the state budget for the construction of the Supreme Court building complex in St. Petersburg.

It is noteworthy that the contractor has been selected without a tender; its name has yet to be disclosed.

The Russian President Administration have chosen the contractor that will build a complex of buildings for the Supreme Court in St. Petersburg. It is planned that the future Temple of Themis will be located at 14, Dobrolyubov Avenue. According to information posted on the state procurement website, the determination of the contractor has not involved tendering.

The contract price includes the construction of a complex of buildings, which will comprise of both the Supreme Court administrative buildings, and the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court; utility unit; four residential buildings, which will accommodate the judges and employees of the court; Boris Eifman Dance Palace.

The maximum contract price is 41 billion rubles. According to the documentation, its implementation will be carried out in three stages, while the full completion of the works is scheduled for December 2018.

The Russian President Administration representative Elena Krylova has refused to disclose information regarding the contractor to the media. According to her, as of today, the contractor has been selected, but its name has not been made public since the project must undergo a verification exercise at Glavgosexpertiza (General Board of State Expert Review).

It should be added that architects Evgeny Gerasimov and Sergey Choban have developed the concept of the Judicial district. April 14, 2016, their project was approved by the Council for the Conservation of St. Petersburg's Cultural Heritage. The total area of the future Judicial quarter will be 9.9 hectares. It will be located in the Petrograd district within the Dobrolyubov Avenue, Likhachev Square, Talalikhin lane, and Malaya Neva embankment. This territory is currently building-free; a pit is located there.

According to project documentation, the total area of the future building complex is 224.6 thousand sq m. The complex will comprise of the following: Supreme Court building with an area of 94 thous. sq m, Judiciary Department building with an area of 21 thous. sq m, 77.6 thous. sq m residential complex, 30 thous. sq m Boris Eifman Dance Palace, and a utility unit.



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