Author of the “Night of the Long Bucket” was incriminated doing business? 

Author of the “Night of the Long Bucket” was incriminated doing business?
The head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk Photo: Alexander Kazakov/Vechernya Moskva

According to the information of the anti-corruption Center of the Party Yabloko, the initiator of the “Night of the Long Bucket”, the head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk is the co-founder of CJSC Alan-Z.

If the information of the Center is reliable, it is a violation of Federal Law №79 "On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation", which forbids civil servants to engage in commerce. The information that Alexei Nemeryuk is the co-founder of Alan-Z is confirmed by an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities) and an information from a Kommersant’s database.

According to the extract, a father of Alexei Nemeryuk Alexei Nemeryuk senior, who deceased in 2009, and his brother Nikita, who is on the list of executive directors of Alan-Z, pertain to this company.

Данные о владельцах компании «Алан-Z» из картотеки «Коммерсанта»

On the chart: Information about the owners of the company Alan-Z from Kommersant’s database

Representatives of the Party Yabloko wrote to Federal Tax Service with a request to provide feedback on detected violation of law. After this request, the mention of Alexei Nemeryuk disappeared from the extract from Entities, as evidenced by at present posted new version of the document on the website. After that, the chairman of the regional branch of the party Sergey Mitrokhin has applied to Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, requiring an official investigation and a resignation of office if that violation is proven true.

Alexei Karnaukhov, the deputy administrator of the Center, said, “I call attention that only the tax office could delete a record. It writes that the information about the founders of closed joint stock company should not be published. But for some reason the data about Nemeryuk was removed. Сases of this kind have been observed on the example of General Prosecutor's children, a kinswoman of Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and the deputy Prime-minister Rogozin, when registration entries were deliberately distorted or erased.”

At the same time, Nemeryuk Jr. claimed in an interview in 2012 for Infoportal Zelenograd that he did not engaged in his father’s business.

“When I took office in the public service, I immediately fired from all the companies, in which I worked. Yes, my family had some business in Zelenograd (this entails Alan-Z), but after my assuming office in district Kryukovo, business was brought an end”, claimed Nemeryuk Jr.

It is not improbable that the Nemeryuk’s mention as a participant of a legal entity in the register of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities was quitted by mistake (his father is also mentioned in the document; it means the document was not edited at least since 2009).

What is Alan-Z?

Alan-Z, which is mentioned in Yabloko’s investigation, bundles various businesses, including dealerships, shops, petrol stations network; it is also a partner of several cars manufacturers operating in Russia, including Honda. In 2011 the company satisfied the government contract for the supply of official cars to Zelenograd Prefecture. According to the excerpt from the SPARK, Alan-Z entered three contracts with city authorities totaling about 6 million rubles. Also there were contracts with the prefecture of Zelenograd in 2006 and 2007. 

According to the documents, CJSC Alan-Z specializes in the sale of cars, spare parts, wholesale trade of fuel, maintenance of vehicles, lease of real estate, and insurance.

Who is Alexey Nemeryuk?

Ночь с 9 на 10 февраля, когда происходил снос московских торговых павильонов © Филипп Киреев, ТАСС

Photo: The night from 9 to 10 of February, when the demolition of kiosks happened. Philipp Kireev/TASS 

“Nemeryuk is already famous enough. He does not only demolish kiosks, but also organizes <...> Moscow festivals, supervises the funeral business, recently mentioned by carnage on Khovanskoye cemetery. Now it turned out that he wears two hats – his public service and doing business”, commented Mitrokhin on the situation with Alan-Z.    


Alexey Nemeryuk worked in commercial structures from 1997 to 2003. From 2003 to 2004 he was a deputy head of the Kryukovo’s district council of the city of Moscow on the economy and the consumer market. From 2004 to 2012 he was a sub-prefect of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow. He was responsible for consumer market and services, development of physical culture and sports, advertising and decoration of the city, providing local employment. April 20, 2012 he was appointed to the head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services by the Mayor of Moscow’s ordinance. June 6, 2013 he was appointed to the acting head of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services. September 17, 2013 he was appointed to the head of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow. 


Mitrokhin’s accusations did not received official confirmation, but it is known that the Moscow Department of Trade and Services was an order giver for a demolition of kiosks in Moscow in February 2016. After this Nemeryuk said that Moscow authorities have leased 205 entrepreneurs’ public kiosks during the year and by mid-2017 they would plan to replace the remaining 4,800 kiosks.

He also claimed that some of the food kiosks, the number of which must be substantially reduced, would be replaced by vending machines VSE SAM (All by myself), the operators of which Nemeryuk called “our Moscow guys”. In the publication, RBC reported that although the company VSE SAM is not well known, their machines are designed to completely replace food kiosks. RBC apprised the chances to win a contract of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services and came to the conclusion that they are close to absolute.

Nemeryuk’s name was also mentioned in connection with the history of the mass brawl on Khovanskoye Cemetery, which occurred in May 2016. Then a letter, attributed to former employees of state budget institutions (SBD) Ritual -a constant partner of the Department, was published in the Internet. It was reported that the Moscow office, placing tenders related to the sphere of ritual services, repeatedly violated the regulations of tenders and contracts gave tenders to the contractors of a certain range. This information, as well as the authorship of the letter has not received official confirmation.

Before that (in 2015) Alexei Nemeryuk became one of the participants of the funeral reform, which was aimed at the decriminalization of the market. Then it was decided a revolutionary solution: commercial services were removed from sphere of GBU Ritual’s responsibility and were got through to private entrepreneurs. It has been reported that as a result of this measure a huge amount of money was transferred from grey economy of ritual services.

The murder of Nemeryuk Sr.

Основатель "Алан-Z" Алексей Немерюк-старший. Фото из ЖЖ raoull-duke

The father of the current head of the Moscow Department Alexey Georgievich Nemeryuk was shot dead on a street in Zelenograd in the summer of 2009. Center for Anti-Corruption Policy Yabloko said that he was shot, but other media did not write such details about his death in 2009, they reported only that he "died on 58 th year of life." 

In comments to the publication stated that the witnesses of the incident were requested to contact the security service of Alan-Z holding and provide information on the death for a fee. It is not known whether the security service of the holding received new information about the death of the head company, but it did not leak in media.

It is known about Nemeryuk Sr. that he arrived in Zelenograd in 1974, where he joined in a job on Elma manufacture as master assistant. After 13 years, he became Deputy Director General and in 1991 he left the factory and went into business. Soon his first gas station was opened in the city, then business activity continued to grow in the vehicle key - car services, shops, showrooms, the Honda saloon (with a Japanese manufacturer company Alan-Z, as stated above, is working so far). Alexey Georgievich also worked on non-core projects, but most of them did not take root in the city. For example, he opened the largest supermarket in Zelenograd. He also work with petrol (but also in the car key): Alan-Z includes companies that specialize in handling and storage of petroleum products.

The reason for his murder, which provoked various discussions on urban forums and sites, was called ordinary robbery and revenge of business partners. The murder was also associated with business of Nemeryuk Jr., not Alexei, but Nikita. It said that in the moment of the father’s murder he was not seen in the city and he could be "on the run". The official confirmation of this information was not received.



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