Author of infamous bills Klishas quadruples profit for year

Author of infamous bills Klishas quadruples profit for year
Andrey Klishas

Reporters turned attention to the senator’s declarations.

Senator Andrey Klishas, an author of such high-profile legislative initiatives as the faked news’ project and sovereignization of Runet, has quadrupled his profit in 2018. With that, according to the published declaration, he earned 23.4 million rubles ($364 thousand) against 5.6 million rubles ($87 thousand) in 2017, reports Krasnoyarsk Online.

With that, the senator’s spouse started earning less: her income decreased from 23.2 million rubles ($361 thousand) to 7.2 million rubles ($112 thousand).

Klishas owns 10 land properties in Russian with total area of 92 thousand square meters. Besides that, he owns 3 residential houses with total area of 1447 square meters and 3 apartments with total area of 498 square meters. Other 2 apartments, 3 land properties, 3 houses and a bathhouse are registered in the use of the senator.

Besides that, the politician has real estate abroad. This is a land property with an area of 543 square meters and a house with an area of 432 square meters located in Switzerland.

Oppositionist Aleksey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation had earlier reported about Klishas’ unaccounted wealth. With that, he turned out to have Maybach and a collection of watches worth of 163 million rubles ($2.5 million). Klishas denied the allegations related to the unaccounted wealth.

2 out 3 bills that had been offered by the senator Andrey Klishas were accepted and entered into force.



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