Audit Chamber reports on increase in violations for $27.1bn

Audit Chamber reports on increase in violations for $27.1bn
Tatyana Golikova

Head of the agency Tatyana Golikova gave quite vivid examples of inefficient spending of funds - for example, the construction of an elevated pedestrian crossing "to nowhere".

Since the beginning of the year, the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation has revealed financial violations for 1.6 trillion rubles ($27.1bn). In comparison, last year this amount was 965 billion rubles ($16.3bn), Head of the agency Tatyana Golikova stressed in the course of the report to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

She added that the number of administrative cases initiated by the Audit Chamber is also growing. As one of the reasons for the negative dynamics, Golikova marked the multilevel system of state governance. According to her, now there are a lot of various branches of government agencies, which significantly complicates the allocation and wasting of financial resources.

Golivova also noted that the trouble is that agencies are not only stealing money, but inefficiently wasting it. As an example, the official led a pedestrian overpass in the tourist and recreation zone Yelets in the Lipetsk region, which simply leads to nowhere. In the Tunkinsky Valley in Buryatia 162 million rubles ($2.7m) were spent on water intake facilities and water supply networks, which are not operated for almost two years due to the lack of permits.

Recall that according to the Chamber's report for 2016, the number of violations increased compared to 2015 by 87%. Most of them concern the sphere of public procurement - about 56%, more than 35% - these are mistakes in the accounting maintenance.



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