Astakhov explained his desire to resign by receiving an earful from Putin

Astakhov explained his desire to resign by receiving an earful from Putin

The Ombudsman for Children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov, confirmed that he had filed his resignation.

But the final decision to dismiss the official rests with the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

It should also be noted that on the eve of Friday, at the afternoon of July 1st, the president's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, expressed his doubt about the resignation of Pavel Astakhov. "No presidential decrees were signed up yet, I don’t know who wrote what and will he?" - said Peskov.

He also added that at the moment Astakhov continues to work, and underlined that if the president signs a decree on dismissal, then "he will be fired," but "so far this has not happened."

Meanwhile, the Ombudsman told the media that on Thursday, he and the president had a very serious conversation, after which he decided to submit his resignation. "I got a strict earful from the president, it was well-deserved. I set myself up, I did not wish to offend nobody, I spoke in a friendly manner, using their language, "- explained Astakhov.

According to the official, at the moment when he asked a child, who survived in the lake storm in Karelia, the question “How was the swim?” nobody, did express any complaints.

He stressed that those who wasn’t present at the moment of the dialogue with the child "did not see these circumstances, can not be an objective judge."

Recall, after the emergency in the Karelia Republic Pavel Astakhov visited Crimea to test the children's health camps, as well as to spend his vacation on the peninsula.

It is noteworthy that a large number of claims to Astakhov, and appeared in the media information about his resignation directly related to his dialogue with children that suffered the storm in Karelia, as well as to his statements about the "wrinkled" women. A petition demanding the resignation of Pavel Astakhov received more than 150 thousand signatures.

It should also be added that according to various media reports, the possible resignation of Astakhov may be caused by various reasons.

In particular, "Vedomosti" reported the dismissal of the ombudsman after the event in Karelia, pointing out that his "probable resignation has been discussed by the management of the party “United Russia". Anastasia Kashevarova, the journalist from portal, in her article wrote that Astakhov’s discharge may be caused by reasons of “corruption matter”.



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