Another Chaika's deputy stepping down

Another Chaika's deputy stepping down
Vladimir Malinovsky

According to some reports, the reason for Malinovsky's departure is his health condition.

Vladimir Malinovsky, Russian Deputy Prosecutor General, is stepping down, reports RIA Novosti, citing a source familiar with the situation. According to the source of the agency, Malinovsky wrote a letter of resignation the day before. The reason for his leaving is said to be the state of health of the prosecutor, 67.

There has been no official confirmation of this information yet.

Malinovsky has served as Deputy Prosecutor General since 2006. He oversaw the Central Federal District.

In March, Malinovsky ended up in intensive care after falling from a service car. It was reported that after an extended panel of the Prosecutor General’s Office, he went to a meeting and slipped and fell when getting out of the car. The Deputy Prosecutor General was urgently hospitalized, he was unconscious for several days.

In May, another Deputy Prosecutor General, Ivan Sydoruk, relinquished. He wrote a letter on attaining superannuation.



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