Anatoly Yakunin resigns from post of Interior Ministry operational department Head

Anatoly Yakunin resigns from post of Interior Ministry operational department Head
Anatoly Yakunin

The Lieutenant-General of the police plans to “revive the traditions of combat sambo” in his native Oryol region.

The Chief of the Operational Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lieutenant-General of Police Anatoly Yakunin, announced the resignation officer, Kommersant reports. Yakunin is planning a vacation from which he is not going to return. The decree on his resignation from office has not yet been signed by the President of the Russian Federation, the newspaper notes.

“I am already over 55 years old, and the time to start a new business has come,” the Lieutenant-General told the publication, noting that his immediate plans included “reviving the traditions of combat sambo” in his native Oryol region.

In the Oryol region, Yakunin headed the regional UBOP. In 2005, he became the First Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs to oversee the Criminal Investigation Department, the Organized Crime Control Department, and the Economic Crime Division. Until 2007, he was acting Head of regional ATC when Vladimir Kolokoltsev headed the administration. Together with Kolokoltsev, they worked for just over a year. During this time, a severe anti-corruption sweep took place in the region, during which criminal proceedings were initiated against some high-ranking officials. Yakunin was also responsible for working with organized crime and corrupt law enforcement officers.

In 2009, after Kolokoltsev resigned as head of the Moscow police department, Yakunin also left the Oryol region. He worked as deputy head of the Voronezh police department and then headed the Novgorod headquarters. When Kolokoltsev became the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Yakunin was appointed Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow.

Yakunin faced claims from his leadership at the new position. At one of the collegiums of the Moscow police headquarters, current Deputy Interior Minister Arkady Gostev criticized Yakunin’s personnel policy. He leveled charges that people from other regions were massively invited to the posts of chiefs of various levels, which impeded the growth of local police officers. As a result, in some divisions, there was a shortage of personnel. At the same time, defendants in high-profile cases became employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. In the fall of 2016, Yakunin left the post of Head of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. Instead, the job was taken by Oleg Baranov. Yakunin also moved to the position of chief of operational management of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The leadership also had complaints. According to the results of the audit in April 2019, the work of the unit was declared unsatisfactory, and the Lieutenant General was accused of incomplete office compliance. Rumors about his possible resignation appeared earlier. It was mentioned that he could be transferred to the Prosecutor's Office. Yakunin did not comment on this information.



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