Amount of meetings in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow fell by 17%, serious crimes - 20%

Amount of meetings in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow fell by 17%, serious crimes - 20%
Lieutenant-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anatoly Yakunin

In showings of the Moscow police’s progress over the past six months an interrelation is traced.

The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow Anatoliy Yakunin summed up the half year’s progress of law enforcement bodies at the board meeting of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior in Moscow. And a general background is positive.

Moscow police has more time for its direct labour by reducing the amount of meetings by 17%, said Anatoly Yakunin.

At the same time, according to police data, announced by the Head of the Police, the amount of grave offense in the capital has dropped by 20%. Over the past six months it is recorded 94 595 crimes. There from the number of murders has decreased by 5,4%, assault - by 24,8%, robberies - by 11,5%, rape has decreased by 38% and burglaries - 29%. The amount of carjacking has decreased by 23,3%, the amount of eliciting facts of bribing has increased by 8,3%.

Yakunin also claimed marked the growth of clear-up rate by mentioning that law enforcement agencies have solved 6% more crimes without delay (within days after his accomplishment) than in the previous reporting period. At the same time, the Head of the Moscow Police demanded from his subordinates actively and timely initiate criminal proceedings, not looking for excuses for refusal.

Among other showings, mentioned by Lieutenant-General, was the information on the transfer of the court of criminal cases against 800 members of organized crime groups, 20% of which is ethnic. In total they have been committed more than two thousand crimes.

In addition, during the reporting period there were disposed 17 criminal groups, which is 92.6% more than the year before. 



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