All heads of cities and regions in Crimea resign

All heads of cities and regions in Crimea resign
Sergey Aksyonov

The head of the republic decided to assemble a new team.

All heads of city administrations and regions of Crimea wrote a letter of resignation after a corresponding proposal by the head of the republic, Sergey Aksyonov, who decided to change his team before the election. The head of Crimea and the speaker of parliament will be elected on September 20.

“Suggested the heads of cities’ administrations and regions of Crimea to resign. This decision was made due to the need to form a new team, including in the regions. All heads of administrations submitted relevant letters to local councils,” Aksyonov wrote on his Facebook page.

In the near future, the deputies elected on September 8 will name the dates for the competitions for taking the posts of heads of administrations, Aksyonov added. United Russia won 60 seats in the parliamentary elections, while LDPR received 10 mandates, and the Communist Party five. 

In the election of the head of Crimea, the parliament will choose between the current head, Sergey Aksyonov, deputy of the Crimean Duma Pavel Shperov and chairman of the Crimean branch of the Communist Party Sergey Bogatyrenko. All three candidates are presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The EU, USA and Ukraine called the elections at all levels in Crimea illegitimate.



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