Alexander Bastrykin will leave post of ICR Head

Alexander Bastrykin will leave post of ICR Head

Alexander Bastrykin may resign as the Head of the ICR after elections to the State Duma.

Alexander Bastrykin could leave the post of the Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia after elections to the State Duma, said the edition RBC, citing its own sources close to the leadership of the FSB, the ICR and the Presidential Administration.

According to a source in the Federal Security Service, the discontent against Bastrykin was grown over time. After the arrest of high-ranking ICR heads on suspicion of particularly large bribe, it was decided to dismiss the current Head of the Department.

Bastrykin’s possible successor may be his Deputy Igor Krasnov, who worked on a high-profile BORN’s case and on investigation of the Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

Another candidate is called the current Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, but his skills in the management of such an important agency are in doubt.

The exact date of the resignation of the ICR Head is unknown.

The information was commented on the Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, saying that "he hear about the impending resignation for the first time".



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