Aircraft of Vice Premier Shuvalov has disappeared from radars 

Aircraft of Vice Premier Shuvalov has disappeared from radars
The Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov Photo: © The CrimeRussia

Private Jet Bombardier Global Express, apparently belonging to the official and which did not declared, has disappeared from the service Flightradar24 – a database for tracking aircraft flights.

The aircraft, which, according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation (the FBK), is owned by the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, disappeared from the radar service on 16 August. When searching for the jet with onboard number M-VQBI, Flightradar24 reported that flights that meet the parameters could not be found.

From the site disappeared all mention of aircraft movements, although, until recently, the service allows to view previous routes perfectly. At the same time, on August 2, when the journalist of the CrimeRussia checked flights of M-VQBI (Igor Shuvalov flew at a press conference in Ekaterinburg), it was available.

Flights to other aircrafts are available by searching the tail number.

Поиск по рейсам на Flightradar24

Photo: When searching flights on Flightradar24, the Vice-Premier aircraft could not be found

Earlier, the founder of the FBK Alexey Navalny and the Chief Editor of Echo Moscow Alexey Venediktov had a dispute over the property of the Shuvalov's family. During it Venediktov said that not indicated in the declaration of Deputy Prime Minister jet is registered to his son. However, he confirmed that the official continues to fly on Bombardier Global Express.

Prior to that, the members of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (the FBK) demanded to remove Shuvalov from office due to the fact that he did not declared used by him and his family aircraft. The fact of owning a plane was confirmed in the commentary the Foundation by the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Shuvalova, she said that she uses it to carry her dogs Corgi to the European exhibition. 

In June, from official sources there have been also disappeared references to other official persons; then from the official database of Rosreestr disappeared mention of Prosecutor General's children Yuri Chaika - Igor and Artem. Instead, the extracts were with special through-coding - LSDUZ and YFYAU9. This news was widely discussed on the Internet, and Meduza released an application that allowed to convert any name in the corresponding alphanumeric code.



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