Accounts Chamber to check remunerations of state corporations staff

Accounts Chamber to check remunerations of state corporations staff

Alexey Kudrin, Head of department, said checks would be carried out with the use of new methods.

The Accounts Chamber will check a number of state corporations on new methods, said the Head of department, Alexey Kudrin, at a meeting of the State Duma Committee on Rules, reports TASS.

Kudrin did not specify which organizations would be subject to check, but noted that the Accounts Chamber "is preparing comprehensive checks on the implementation of strategic objectives, KPI for the first time." According to him, so far these indicators have not been considered.

In March, the State Duma expanded the powers of the control agency, which was given the opportunity to check the subsidiaries of state corporations.

According to Kudrin, new inspection technologies will include an assessment of the quality of corporate management, as well as "all procedures within corporations." In addition, they will check the public procurement system, remuneration system and bonuses. "The remuneration system should be focused on the implementation of tasks," - said the Head of the control department.

The need for new inspections is related to the fact that the efficiency of state assets “seriously affects economic growth and the future of entire industries,” Kudrin explained. He did not disclose any other details of new methods.

The State Duma supported the right of the Accounts Chamber to inspect subsidiaries of state corporations in March. The initiative was put forward by the Chairman of the Lower House of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin and his first Feputy Alexander Zhukov.

Auditors have received the right to supervise the activities of subsidiaries of state corporations (Rostekh, Roskosmos, Rosnano, etc.), state companies (Avtodor) and public law companies (for example, the Russian environmental operator). Earlier, the Accounts Chamber oversaw only the work of the head companies of state corporations and the subsidiaries of such state-owned companies as Aeroflot, Transneft, Gazprom, and so on. The subsidiaries of state corporations and public law companies, formally related to non-profit organizations, were not subject to the supervision by the department.

Kudrin believes changes in the powers of the department will ensure "a more complete look at the work of state corporations." What is more, the bill, according to him, will empower the Accounts Chamber to check funds passing through the regions and at the municipal level. According to Kudrin, the annual volume of subsidies through subsidiaries of state-owned companies is about 800 billion rubles ($12.4 b).



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