Abyzov: Ulyukayev's arrest not affected work of Government

Abyzov: Ulyukayev's arrest not affected work of Government

Mikhail Abyzov has characterized the information about officials' nervousness completely ridiculous and noted that the Government is operating normally.

The Minister for Open Government Mikhail Abyzov has denied the allegations that the Russian Government had been in a nervous state since the arrest of the former Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev, as had been previously reported by Reuters citing its sources in the Russian Government.

Reuters’ sources had compared the atmosphere in leadership circles with that of Stalin's combing. In response, Abyzov has called it completely ridiculous and noted that the government, and in particular, the Ministry of Economic Development staff, is operating normally.

When talking to journalists during the All-Russian Civic Forum in Moscow, Abyzov said the situation for Aleksey Ulyukaev's colleagues in the government was quite disturbing, but it did not affect the quality of the government's work.

Many high-ranking officials and politicians have been shocked by Ulyukaev's detention. Anatoly Chubais and German Gref have been particularly unhappy, whereas Alexey Kudrin has warned against premature conclusions on the case of Ulyukaev.

Let us recall that the CrimeRussia's source had previously reported about the preparation of a letter for Vladimir Putin in support of the Minister of Economic Development, who had been arrested on charges of extorting bribes, in business and political circles of Russia. And the above mentioned Gref, Kudrin, and Chubais are ready to sign it.



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