9 senators to leave Federation Council in September

9 senators to leave Federation Council in September

According to sources familiar with the situation, senator from Moscow, former chairman of the Defence Committee and ex-head of the women's movement are likely to stand down.

At least 9 senators are expected to leave the Federation Council following elections in the regions on September 8, reports RBC with reference to words by a member of the Chamber and 2 sources within the Central Office of the Federation Council. There will be reason to change 31 senators after the day of elections. However, some of them are expected to be reelected for a further term.

Term of office of a senator coincides with a term of a governor or Legislative Assembly that nominated him. Each of the 85 regions of the Russian Federation is represented by 2 senators: from a head of a region and regional Duma.

According to RBC, representative of the State Assembly in Mary El Natalia Dementieva is likely to leave the Federation Council in autumn. She is expected to be replaced with a head of the central office of the upper chamber Sergey Martynov. Ex-head of the Defence Committee Viktor Ozerov (Khabarovsk region), member of the Natural Resource Management Committee Ildus Akhmetzyanov (Tatarstan), member of the Defence Committee Oksana Buriko (Republic of Tyva), former head of the women's movement of Russia Yekaterina Lakhova (Bryansk region), member of the International Affairs Committee Olga Timofeeva (Sevastopol), and chairwoman of the Science Committee Zinaida Dragunkina (Moscow State Duma) are also likely to leave the Federation Council. At least 2 heads of regions are expected to change their representatives in the Federation Council in case the win the elections. Acting governor of Kurgan region is not going to forward a deputy chairwoman of the Budget Committee Yelena Perminova to the upper chamber. Head of Chelyabinsk region Aleksey Teksler is going to withdraw a deputy chairwoman of the Agrarian Policy Committee Irina Gekht promoted by a former governor. Gekht confirmed she would stand down.

Senators from Mary El, Khabarovsk region, Tatarstan, Tyva, and Bryansk region have not applied for primaries of the United Russia. The straw poll finished in most of the regions on May 26. According to the law, it is necessary to be elected in the regional parliament delegated by the Federation Council in order to become a senator from the regional legislature. Parliamentarians elected by the United Russia (that has the majority of votes in the regional parliament) normally become senators. However, in order to be on the pre-election list of the United Russia, it is necessary to go through primaries. This is related both to members of the party and independent candidates who are nominated by it. In some instances, the presidium of the General Council of the United Russia includes any person who did not go through primaries.

If successful, both representatives of the Altai Republic Vladimir Poletaev and Tatiana Gigel, senators from Kabardino Balkariya Mukharby Ulbashev and Arsen Konokov, and both representatives of Crimea Sergey Tsekov and Olga Kovitidi will preserve their seats. As for the rest of senators who are likely to leave the Federation Council, there are no decisions, yet.

The day of voting in Russia will take place on September 8. 16 heads of regions will be elected on this day. Local parliaments will elect them in Kabardino Balkariya and Crimea. Besides that, elections to the Assembly will be held on this day in 13 regions.



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