275 thousand people signed petition for Medvedev's resignation

275 thousand people signed petition for Medvedev's resignation

Petition for the resignation of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev published on Change.org collected 275,000 signatures. It lacks 25 thousand votes for the document to be submitted to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The letter for resignation of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers was posted on Change.org by a Moscow resident Aleksandr Li.

The dudgeon of Russians, whose opinion was voiced by the petitioner, was due to the Prime Minister's advice to teachers during his speech at the forum Territoriya smyslov (Territory of meanings), when Medvedev encouraged them to go into business or find a part-time job.   

Earlier in May, the Prime Minister's words induced a similar reaction during his visit to Crimea.

"There just isn’t any money now. You hold on in there. Best wishes and take care!," the Prime Minister replied to a question about the scant pension.

Within a short time after its publication, the petition for Medvedev's resignation collected more than 80 thousand votes. In recent years, the rate of signature collection has markedly decreased.



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