160 thousand MIA officers have joined National Guard since its creation

160 thousand MIA officers have joined National Guard since its creation

As the Chief of the National Guard of Russia, General of Army Viktor Zolotov, reported to journalists, the first phase of the National Guard's fledging period has ended with 160 thousand MIA officers moving to the new department's units.

"A great deal of tedious work has been done in the past eight months. We have developed a legal and regulatory framework and deployed 84 territorial bodies. As of today, the National Guard’s comprise 340 thousand people, out of which 160 thousand are MIA officers," Zolotov told.

He also noted that an extensive work on transfer of property and material and technical part from the internal affairs bodies to the National Guard of Russia has been carried out.

"I would also like to thank Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev for assistance in organizing the process of transition," Zolotov added.

In April, President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the National Guard based on the MIA interior troops and introduced corresponding bills to the State Duma. The new federal executive body will combat terrorism and organized crime, provide legal regime for emergency and anti-terrorist operations, protect critical government facilities and special cargos, as well as assist FSB in state border protection. The National Guard of Russia is also mandated to monitor private security activities and arms trafficking.



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