“Sobol is a beast”: Maria Zakharova uses insulting wordplay commenting on Simonyan vs Sobol clash 

 “Sobol is a beast”: Maria Zakharova uses insulting wordplay commenting on Simonyan vs Sobol clash
Maria Zakharova

People are condemning the Foreign Ministry spokesperson for an offensive joke.

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, made a Facebook post commenting on the incident at Ekho Moskvy involving RT chief editor Margarita Simonyan and Lyubov Sobol, a lawyer at the Anti-Corruption Foundation. “Sobol [The Russian for “Sable”] is a beast. Try and prove me wrong,” Zakharova wrote.

The post does not say that the word “beast” refers to Lyubov Sobol, but some users criticized Zakharova for an offensive joke, while others cheered her for smart trolling.

Earlier it was reported that Margarita Simonyan was hospitalized after Lyubov Sobol tried to get a comment from her about the new FBK investigation. Sobol posted the video of her meeting with the RT chief editor on Twitter. Simonyan refused to answer the lawyer’s questions.

“I think, Lyubov, that one should make arrangements about an interview through the press service, that would be appropriate” Simonyan said asking Ekho Moskvy employees to “isolate” her because it was “dangerous” for her to get “riled up.”

It’s Complicated, the show where the editor-in-chief was supposed to participate, was canceled due to her hospitalization. The Ekho Moskvy chief editor, Alexey Venediktov, apologized for what happened on Telegram.

Earlier, the Anti-Corruption Foundation of the oppositionist Alexey Navalny published an investigation alleging that a Moscow residential complex, which the authorities had planned to give to young families and those on the waiting list, had actually been given to officials of the Moscow mayor's office.

Lyubov Sobol nomineed herself as an independent candidate at the elections to the Moscow City Duma in the 43rd electoral district, which includes Presnensky district, Arbat and Khamovniki.



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