Zingarevich’s accomplice jailed for 4 years

Zingarevich’s accomplice jailed for 4 years
Anton Zingarevich is on the run Photo: Kommersant

Konstantin Shishkin has been convicted for stealing 2.5 billion rubles ($42m) from Globex Bank and MTS Bank. Anton Zingarevich, the person behind the scheme, is hiding in the United States.

Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow has sentenced Konstantin Shishkin, the former general director of Energostsroyinvest-Holding, to four years in a general-regime colony on charges of Swindling in the Sphere of Lending on an especially large scale (Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code), according to Kommersant. Shishkin is accused of involvement in embezzling 2.5 billion rubles of loans from Globex Bank and MTS Bank.

Energostsroyinvest-Holding owner Anton Zingarevich is also accused since he is believed to have come up with the fraudulent scheme. According to investigators, it was Zingarevich who gave instructions to Shishkin, and the latter had known he was "entering a criminal organization" when joining Energostsroyinvest. Interpol issued a red notice for the company owner, who is hiding in the US. Due to the lack of extradition agreement between Russian and American law enforcers, the chances Russia would get him seem small.

The criminal case against Shishkin and Zingarevich was instituted in 2016. Initially, the owner and head of the Energostsroyinvest-Holding were accused of stealing a loan of 1 billion rubles ($17m) from MTS Bank. Later, the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added another count to the case file, about the theft of a 1.5b-ruble loan from Globex Bank. Alfa Bank also claimed it had given bank guarantees for the amount of 5.6 billion rubles ($95m) to Energostsroyinvest, but that count was not added to the charges.

According to the investigators, in 2013, Energostsroyinvest turned to MTS Bank for a loan of 1 billion rubles, allegedly to replenish circulating assets of its subsidiary, Energo engineering center. However, as soon as the funds got into the company's account, they were siphoned off abroad seemingly as a loan to an offshore company Blaine Overseas Venture and payment for Enonoline Overseas Ltd corporate notes. Another part of the funds was spent on financing Atlant, Zingarevich’s Mytishchi hockey club.

A similar scheme was used to steal 1.5 billion rubles from Globex Bank. The group had allegedly planned to spend the funds on the development of design and procurement documentation for the construction of the Beloberezhskaya Substation in the Bryansk region. Novaya Inzhiniringovaya Kompaniya (New Engineering Company, NIK) was the formal borrower being a part of Zingarevich’s group of companies. The Cyprus management company Matias Co Ltd, Northwest Scientific and Technical Center and the UralTEP project provided the pledge. A few months later, NIK stopped serving the loan; the station was never completed. The investigation found that the credit funds were transferred to the holding company and withdrawn almost immediately after the receipt.

At the time of issuing loans, Energostsroyinvest was the largest builder of transmission lines and trunk substations with an annual portfolio of orders worth over 45 billion rubles ($761m). However, two years after the loan theft, the group was declared bankrupt. According to the investigation, Zingarevich had decided not to return the loans and keep the money to himself already in 2013, when he was the actual owner of the enterprise.

Notably, Boris Zingarevich, the father of the Energostsroyinvest owner and joint owner of the Ilim Group, managed to settle with the banks and restructure the debt. This had no affect on the course of the investigation, however. Anton Zingarevich was put on the international wanted list. He is now undergoing a treatment in the US, according to his lawyer and, as already mentioned, the chances of his extradition to Russia are extremely small.



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