Yaroslavl prosecutor caught selling dubious car

Yaroslavl prosecutor caught selling dubious car
Anton Ageev

A local police officer bought a car with a replaced number plate from Anton Ageev.

Anton Ageev, the prosecutor of the Pervomaisky district, the Yaroslavl region, is prosecuted on suspicion of fraud.

According to investigators, in April 2014, Ageev bought a HONDA CR-V through some people he knew, while holding the post of Bolshezelsk regional deputy prosecutor. Investigators believe that when buying the car, the prosecutor knew its number plate had been replaced and documents were forged. After a short while Ageev resold the car for 400 thousand rubles ($6890) to his acquaintance, a local police officer. When the latter found out that the number plate of the car had been replaced, he turned to the law enforcement agencies.

31-year-old Anton Ageev, the prosecutor of the Pervomaisky district, junior counselor of justice, is charged with part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling). The department for especially important cases for the Yaroslavl region is handling the investigation of the crime. Meanwhile, the man pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor claims that he did not know anything about the car’s dubious origin.

"I was living in the village of Bolshoye at the time, and my wife was living in Rostov. We needed a second car, and I asked my friends to find me one. They did, and although I was a little suspicious of the low price, we really needed a car and decided to buy it. But because we had taken a mortgage in Yaroslavl that year, we realized that paying a mortgage, keeping a family and two cars was really hard. So I decided to sell the car to the same people that I had bought it from. But an officer I knew learned about this and asked me to sell it to him. Naturally, I did not know anything about the replaced number plate," Ageev told IA REGNUM.

The prosecutor also stressed that he had been working in the department since 2008 and never had any penalties or punishments.

"Would I let my career slip because of a car?" Ageev asked rhetorically.

We should add that the prosecutor has not yet been charged and continues to fulfill his duties. However, the regional prosecutor's office clarified in a press release that the suspect might be dismissed soon.



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