Yaroslavl ex-deputy arrested for attempted fraud

Yaroslavl ex-deputy arrested for attempted fraud
Vladimir Zubkov

The lawyer of the former politician was questioned as a witness.

The Zavolzhsky District Court of Yaroslavl arrested a deputy of the sixth convocation of the City Duma and lawyer Vladimir Zubkov, accused of attempted fraud on a particularly large scale.

“The defendant, taking advantage of his state of health (even though everyone has some problems), which is not critical, sought medical help, including with an aim to create the reason for his absence at the court hearing,” Kommersant cites the court.

A complaint against lawyer Zubkov was filed in 2016 by his former client, whose defender allegedly extorted a large sum using forged documents. Thanks to Zubkov, the applicant escaped the murder charge, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.

In the Zubkov case, the investigation interrogated Krupochkin as a witness, but in 2017 the defender was removed from the case. Prior to this, the Constitutional Court ruled that the interrogation of the accused’s lawyer “poses a real threat to the lawyer's secrecy”. In mid-August, the Yaroslavl Directorate of the Investigative Committee began checking the legality of the incident.



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