Yakutia Railroads' offices searched 

Yakutia Railroads' offices searched

According to one version, the company’s management is suspected of carrying out illegal traffic; according to another, of misusing 3 billion rubles (51.8 million dollars).

MIA officers have conducted searches in Zheleznye dorogi Yakutii (Yakutia Railroads) JSC’s offices. The company is suspected of illegal transportation of goods worth more than 280 million rubles (8.4 million dollars).

According to the press service of the regional MIA, the search was carried out on the previously initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 of Article 171 of the Russian Criminal Code (Illegal Enterprise). Law enforcers keep the details secret in the interests of the investigation.

A day earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Yakutia informed that in the period from 2014 to 2016, the railway carrier concluded agreements with oil companies for the processing and delivery of goods on the railway section from the Tommot station, Aldan region of Yakutia, without a special permit for the transport of dangerous goods.

The loading and unloading dangerous goods (fuels and lubricants) on the railroad was confirmed by special investigation activities conducted by UEBiPK officers of the Yakutia MIA.


According to SakhaLife, the searches were conducted last week. One of the regional sources were aware of the reasons for investigative actions, attributed them to seizure of documents.

Meanwhile, YakutiaMedia explains this by Yakutia Railroads misusing of 3 billion rubles (51.8 million dollars).


The publication notes that Yakutia Railroads JSC's main shareholders are Russian Railroads OJSC (46.85%), Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), represented by the Ministry of Property and Land Relations (44.30%), and other shareholders, owning in aggregate 8.85%. Since 2005, the company has been headed by Vasily Shimokhin, who had been elected head of the Yakutia Railroads’ board of directors last in 2014.

The last term of employment contract with him expires in May 2017. According to the outlet, Shimokhin is currently not in the republic.



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