With regard to main cashier Grigoriev it was initiated criminal case for creating OCG

With regard to main cashier Grigoriev it was initiated criminal case for creating OCG
Alexander Grigoriev

Alexander Grigoriev is regarded as the Head of one of the largest organized crime group in Russia, which involved in the illicit finance, including cash-out operations.

With regard to the treasurer of Podolsk OCG Alexander Grigoriev the Investigation Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case on the establishment of an organized criminal group. However, the lawyer of the banker Sergey Shenkneht stated to Kommersant that his client does not officially charged under Part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code.

Recall that in April 2016 the lawyer of the main cashier Mikhail Tohmahov said that Grigoriev was not only charged with the establishment of the OCG, but also financial claims were estimated only in the amount of 107 million rubles, which the banker moved out from his own bank Doninvest. Initially, Alexander Grigoriev was arrested on charges of two episodes of swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code) - withdrawal abroad was about 46 billion dollars. According to investigators' reports, he was one of the leaders of the largest Russian organized crime groups, which engaged in cash-out operations. In addition, according to the CrimeRussia, Grigoriev was the treasurer of Podolsk OCG. In addition, Grigoriev was personally a full partner of Sergey Nikolaevich Lalakin – the authoritative businessman and the permanent leader of Podolsk gang. So, in the past, they have owned for a couple

Promsberbank, located in Podolsk, which has been long considered as the fiefdom of Podolsk OCG.

Now, according to Kommersant, there are new defendants in the case - 7 people, who were Grigoriev's accomplices. While all of them are charged with several embezzelments' counts from the bank Doninvest in the amount of 107 million rubles. Among them there are the co-owner of Doninvest Oksana Ermakova, as well as the businessmen from St. Petersburg Oleg Vasiliev and Anton Tarasov. The latter are known to officers of Interior Ministry as players on the Russian cash-out market. Other OCG members, according to the investigators are only ordinary members: a former vice-president of the Zapadniy bank Gregory Kulesh (signed a pre-trial agreement on cooperation), a member of the Board of Directors of Doninvest Denis Volchkov, the ex-Chairman of the Board Alla Kalitvanskaya and her former Deputy Svetlana Gulenkova. Most of them were moved to Moscow from a pe-trial detention center in Rostov region.

Whatever it was, but Alexander Grigoriev is considered by investigators as the Head of one of the largest organized crime group in Russia, which involved in the illicit finance, including cash-out operations. Some operations were carried out by the so-called Moldovan scheme through Moldindconbank to offshores.

Into activities of the OCG there were involved more than 500 people, who have used about 60 Russian banks, including these, where there is the participation of state capital. Among them were, for example, Russkiy credit, Istkomfinans, Transportniy, Mast-Bank, Antalbank, Zapadniy, Interkapitalbank, Russkiy Zemelniy Bank, Taurus, European Express, Rublevskiy, Baltika, Tempbank and many others. Most of them had revoked licenses. The annual turnover of the criminal group was about 1 trillion rubles.

About six months before the withdrawal of Doninvest license (as a bankrupt the credit institution was recognized in December 2014) new executives headed the bank. It was established during the investigation that  new executives were controlled by the businessman Alexander Grigoriev, who was previously serving as the co-owner of the bankrupt bank Zapadniy, Transportniy and Russian Zemelniy bank.

Initially, in cash-out case there were detained Kalitvanskaya and Gulenkova Doninvest bank. According to one of versions, Grigoriev, when knew about possible troubles, relied on the services of a solver. In exchange for a promise to resolve all the problems, Grigoriev gave him 300 million rubles, but he took the money and dried the banker. Grigoriev himself denies all charges.

"If it turns out that the hole in the bank’s assets appeared in the bank before Alexander Grigoriev entered into it, then we will have thereason to apply for termination of his criminal investigation," - said the lawyer Shenkneht.



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