Wanted Vneshprombank shareholder sold one of his yachts for 14 million euros 

Wanted Vneshprombank shareholder sold one of his yachts for 14 million euros
Ester II, as all Bedzhamov's yacht, is named in honor of his daughter

No one has bought listed by Georgy Bedzhamov's for sale Ester III priced at 80 million euros.

The former head of the Bobsleigh Federation Georgy Bedzhamov declared internationally wanted on charges of embezzlement in Vneshprombank sold one of his yachts Ester II for 14 million euros. Bedzhamov is accused of embezzling one billion rubles in Russia, Forbes writes, and that roughly equals that amount.

Ester II is not the first yacht, from which Bedzhamov decided to get rid. In August the CrimeRussia wrote that before he was put up for sale a larger and more expensive Ester III - its length is 66 meters and the cost is 79.5 million euros. Yacht was built by one of the world's most prestigious shipyards Lurssen.

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The vessel, which is decorated in precious woods, gold and bronze elements, was a finalist for a number of prestigious special prize and winner of Monaco Yacht Show Awards 2015 for the interior design. However, it is still unknown whether its buyer is found.

Recently sold Ester II is smaller and cheaper. Its length is 51 meters, Ester II was launched from the slipway of the Italian firm Codecasa Shipyards. The yacht has a top speed of 14 knots (about 26 km per hour), it can accommodate up to 14 guests in six comfortable cabins, and, as well as the rest of the Bedzhamov's yachts, bears his daughter's name.

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After the change of the owner (the new owner's name is not reported) yacht was renamed to Emerald, Forbes says.


Earlier, Bedzhamov owned a small boat Ester I issued by the Italian shipyard Falcon in 2007. However, its quality was significantly lower than Ester II and Ester III one. The boat was sold and renamed Chox.


Ester III is put up for auction for 80 million euros, no one purchases it.

Recall that Georgy Bedzhamov became a defendant in a criminal case of swindling after the hole in 210 billion rubles in Vneshprombank's assets was discovered and it has lost the license of the Central Bank.

As previously the CrimeRussia reported, according to a source familiar with the details of the case, Marcus and Bedzhamov siphoned off more than 1.5 billion euros. In addition, the investigation revealed that millions of dollars were lost from the accounts of important clients of the bank. With this money the elite real estate was purchased in Monaco and Switzerland, as well as boats and planes.

Recall that one of the Top-40 Russian banks Vneshprombank keeps savings of Russian officials, Rosneft, Rosneftegas, Transneft, the Russian Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the ROC - in total, not less than 30 billion rubles of VIP- customers.

MIA GUEBiPK officials detained the bank president Larisa Marcus, her brother Bedzhamov fled to Monaco, where he was arrested at the request of the GP RF in April 2016. Then, with the help of a Bedzhamov's friend, the Prince Albert II of Monaco, he managed to escape and hide from the Russian justice system in London. It is known that he did not give recognizance not to leave in Monaco, but was under the so-called judicial control.



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