Wanted co-owner of Starbank checked in St. Petersburg hotel under his own name

Wanted co-owner of Starbank checked in St. Petersburg hotel under his own name
Agadzhan Avanesov

Agadzhan Avanesov had previously been hiding from the investigation in Switzerland.

The co-owner of the ruined Starbank, Agadzhan Avanesov, arrived in the northern capital of Russia, despite the fact that he is on the federal wanted list. He is suspected of fraud on a large scale. For his stay in St. Petersburg, he chose a hotel overlooking St. Isaac's Cathedral.

As reported by Fontanka, Avanesov was identified by the staff of the Four Seasons Lion Hotel on Voznesensky Avenue. The banker did not conspire, booked a room on his passport and paid for it until July 9.

At the same time, 42-year-old Agadzhan Avanesov is hiding from the investigation. His criminal case about embezzlement is investigated by the police of Kalininsky district. The man is suspected in crime not only in connection with the activities of Starbank, but also with the company Fish Fabrik, which is under his control. Previously, it was a large fish processing plant in the northern capital. It is known that Starbank issued knowingly irrevocable loans to “pocket” legal entities, and then withdrawn money to foreign offshore companies.

Starbank was deprived of a license in 2016. The Central Bank made such a decision in connection with the withdrawal of funds by the bank abroad, which looked extremely doubtful.

In addition, the cash desk of the credit institution before the arrival of the Deposit Insurance Agency was short of more than 15 billion rubles ($235mln). Avanesov and other shareholders of the company were sued for the same amount.

According to the source, the St. Petersburg police know about the whereabouts of Aganesov and have already met with him. But there was no information about his arrest.



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