Wanted by Interpol businesswoman Natalia Tsiklauri detained in Georgia 

Wanted by Interpol businesswoman Natalia Tsiklauri detained in Georgia
Natalia Tsiklauri

The case against a business woman was initiated after the division of property in a divorce with her husband Arthur Isakov. The sacrifice of parents' carve-up become their daughter, who was sent to the colony for 6 years.⁠

Accused of swindling and hiding in Georgia, Natalia Tsiklauri was detained by the country's law enforcement agencies. At the moment, the issue of her extradition to Russia is at stake.

According to the official version of the investigation, largely based on the testimony of the defendant's ex-husband Arthur Isakov (Huseyn-zade Altay Oktay oglu), Natalia Tsiklauri withdrew funds abroad, and got family assets on her hands after the divorce in 2012.

Артур Исаков

Arthur Isakov

However, according to sources of the CrimeRussia, Isakov grabbed the business of the ex-wife; he hired capital lawyer Vyacheslav Efimenko, proven in criminal circles as the pro specializing in illegal seizures of expensive real estate and massive falsification of documents in the courts.

Вячеслав Ефименко

Vyacheslav Efimenko

So, thanks to relations of Efimenko, the criminal case was initiated against Tsiklauri under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling). Later, the defendant in the criminal case became the daughter of Natalia and stepdaughter of Isakov - Gayane Zaynabutdinova. Recall that in the course of the division of property upon divorce (2012-2013) the court ruled to divide marital property in half. Thus, Arthur Isakov was entitled to half of his wife's assets in the three companies Breeze LLC, Mitra LLC and Serebryany veter LLC, where their daughter Gayane Zaynabutdinova was CEO. But after registration of the Isakov’s share he decided to challenge the transactions, which took place during the divorce’s proceedings, in the court. Obviously, considering that Tsiklauri intentionally sold the part of the property, Isakov tried to return everything back. His stepdaughter Zaynabutdinova tried to convince the judges that she was controlled by the founders and had no right to take a decision on the implementation of transactions. Nevertheless, in early 2016, the court sentenced her to six years in prison for swindling.

Гаянэ Зайнабутдинова

Gayane Zaynabutdinova

Natalia Tsiklauri managed to escape even in 2013, the same year she was declared wanted by Interpol.

Earlier, the edition of the CrimeRussia received a letter from Natalia’s mother Raisa Tsiklauri addressed to Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Grin. In this treatment a woman accuses the security forces in the fabrication of the criminal case against her daughter and granddaughter. The woman asks for help in the fight with the raiders, especially with Arthur Isakov and werewolves in epaulets, who allow criminals to remain at large and continue their active illegal activity.


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