Vyatsky Kvas searched as part of case of money withdrawal to offshore banks

Vyatsky Kvas searched as part of case of money withdrawal to offshore banks
Photo: RBC

The owner of the enterprise calls the situation an illegal seizure.

MIA officers have searched Vyatich, the Kirov brewery producing the drink Vyatsky kvas, RBC reports referring to Chairman of the Board of Directors and the main owner of Vyatich JSC, Nikolay Kuragin. To recall, the plant gained fame after the press conference of Vladimir Putin. 

According to Kuragin, the first visit of law enforcement officers was on April 16; searches continue to this day. Law enforcers seize documents, including a special declaration (containing information that confesses tax secrecy), Kuragin says. 

According to him, the police have initiated cases on the illegal transfer of dividends to a Cypriot company in 2014. Allegedly, Dapetson Global Assets Limited, registered in Cyprus and controlled by Kuragin, received dividends as one of the founders of TK Vyatich LLC. However, Kuragin transferred assets to himself as part of the law on de-offshorization. In 2017, the company was liquidated. 

The owner of the company adds that in mid-April, officers of the FSB Directorate in the Kirov region also conducted an inspection on the fact of illegal currency transactions related to the transferring of money abroad. 

In turn, the regional directorate of the special services said that from September to December 2014, the persons who were part of the LLC management carried out foreign exchange operations to transfer more than €3.8 million to the bank accounts of one of the foreign organizations with signs of the so-called fly-by-night company. 

The reason for the search could be the filing of a special declaration with the tax authorities, which listed all the accounts and transactions, Kuragin said, explaining the situation with seizures. “I think that there is some interested person, after all, and my first option is an illegal seizure,” Kuragin said. 

In turn, the MIA Directorate in the Kirov region has initiated a criminal case under item ‘a’ part 3 of Art. 193.1 of the Russian Criminal Code against unidentified persons. This article provides for penalties for currency transactions involving the transfer of funds to bank accounts of non-residents of Russia with the provision of forged documents on an especially large scale. 



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