Voyenno-Promyshlenny (Military-Industrial) Bank deducted zeros from depositors’ amounts

Voyenno-Promyshlenny (Military-Industrial) Bank deducted zeros from depositors’ amounts

The affected customers of the VPB wrote an appeal to the Prosecutor General, the Central Bank and the Presidential Administration.

The affected customers of the VPB prepared a collective appeal because of the understated amounts of payments to depositors. It will be sent to the Prosecutor General, the Deposit Insurance Agency (ACB), the Central Bank and the Administration of the Russian President.

On the first day of the insurance payments to the VPB depositors, it transpired that the amounts on many accounts are understated by more than 10 times. As the portal Banki.ru notes, the affected customers were told that in some cases, depositors’ sums lack several zeros. For example, instead of the sum of the one million rubles, 100 thousand rubles were indicated in the register. Some customers of the VPB did not find themselves in the register at all.

"We, the VPB depositors, demand the payment of insurance compensation in full according to primary documents and declarations of disagreement left in the agent banks", the statement said.

As of today, the appeal has already collected several dozen signatures in Moscow, the signatures are now being collected in the capital’s suburbs. Another 150 signatures were collected in the regional cities.

It is to be recalled that the Central Bank has revoked the VPB’s license on 26th of September. The work of the interim administration assigned by the Central Bank 10 days before was exacerbated by "serious obstacles from the bank's management."

According to the results of the interim administration’s work in the VPB, as a result of fraud with the individuals’ deposits, the amount of 6.4 billion rubles was written off from the customer’s accounts.

In this regard, the bank’s depositors were recommended when contacting the agent bank for the insurance payments to carry originals or duly certified copies of the documents confirming the deposit of funds. Not less than 5,4 thousand clients of the bank will have to confirm their contributions, the ASB said.

In accordance with the VPB’s obligations register, payment of insurance compensation of deposits amounting to about 28.7 billion rubles is applied to 78 thousand depositors.

On December 7, the Arbitration Court of Moscow will hold a hearing at the request of the Bank of Russia for the VPB’s bankruptcy, which was in the top half of the top 100 Russian banks in terms of assets. According to the data of the VPB, for the first six months of 2016, the Russians kept in it more than 30 billion rubles.



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