Speaker of State Duma takes personal charge of singer Novikov's case

Speaker of State Duma takes personal charge of singer Novikov's case

According to State Duma Deputy Sergey Vostretsov, Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has taken personal control of the investigation into the criminal case against singer-songwriter Aleksandr Novikov.

The criminal case concerns embezzlement of over 50 million rubles ($869 thousand) from the Bukhta Kvins (Queens Bay) cottage settlement co-investors. Apart from Novikov, his business partner Mikhail Shilimanov is also a defendant in this case.

During the Let Them Talk show on the Russian Channel One, dedicated to the criminal case against Aleksandr Novikov, Sergey Vostretsov said that the shareholders had nothing to worry about. "I can assure you you’ll get your apartments," the deputy stressed.

The talk show was also attended by friends and fellow musicians of Aleksandr Novikov, including Mikhail Shufutinsky, Nikita Vysotsky, Sergey Kuprik, Vladimir Berezin, and Andrey Razin.

In addition, Chairwoman of the Bukhta Kvins Cooperative Housing Society Zilya Bulatova and several cottage settlement co-investors also took part in the discussion.

It is noteworthy that Novikov himself could not attend the show, as investigators had banned him from leaving Yekaterinburg – he is under travel restrictions. The artist participated in the discussion via a TV link-up. He said that he had nothing to do with the construction of the Bukhta Kvins, since he only owned the land, on which the settlement was located.

"I gave that land away without knowing whether something would be built on it or not. And now, people cannot get their apartments, because the investigation has seized the land on which these houses stand," Novikov said.

In addition, the musician assured the TV viewers and guests of the show that the criminal case instituted against him was a frame-up, since 'some individuals' were not fond of his friendship with the governor. 

"Everybody knows that I'm friends with the governor of the Sverdlovsk region; we live in neighboring apartments. But there are forces that do not like this. And since I’m one of the famous, not to say the most famous person in the Sverdlovsk region, they tried to derail me," Novikov noted. 

During the show, State Duma Deputy Sergey Bidonko expressed his support for Novikov. It should also be noted that, according to Novikov’s lawyer Nikolay Izyurov, the criminal case against his client, related to the embezzlement of money from the shareholders, had been initiated by "people from the vegetable base No. 4, who are very influential in the criminal world."

The lawyer also said that Aleksandr Novikov had been the victim in an attempted theft of 400 hectares of land near Sysert. Moreover, the same criminal structures turned out to be involved in the case. According to him, there had been attempts to put pressure on Novikov.

During the broadcast, Novikov's friends supported the artist and his lawyer.

To recall, the CrimeRussia has previously reported that Aleksandr Novikov had started the construction of the cottage settlement in 2008. In total, the Bukhta Kvins envisioned the erection of 56 cottages, and the total amount of funds contributed by shareholders exceeded 150 million rubles ($2.6 million). In 2011, the construction of the settlement was suspended. At the request of a number of shareholders, in 2015, the MIA Main Investigations Directorate in the Sverdlovsk region initiated a criminal case over swindling on an especially large scale. In February 2017, all materials of the case were referred to the regional ICR Investigations Directorate.



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