Volgograd underboss's MP partners detained

Volgograd underboss's MP partners detained
Evgeny Schur and Alexey Zverev

Deputies of the Municipal Duma Evgeny Schur and Alexey Zverev are suspected in the organization of criminal business activity.

The Investigation Department of the ICR in the Volgograd region initiated a criminal case into Swindling in the insurance sphere by a group of persons on prior agreement (part 2 of Art. 159.5), as well as Falsification of Evidence in civil proceedings (part 1 of Art. 303 of the Criminal Code).

As suggested by investigators, Verny Vybor LLC illegally levied insurance payments for non-existent accidents for a long time. The investigation revealed that two deputies of the Volgograd City Duma, Evgeny Schur and Alexey Zverev, and their former colleague Fedor Litvinenko created the company through affiliated entities. They, according to investigators, managed criminal and commercial activities of the company.

Officially, the company was engaged in registration of accidents and legal support in the courts, as well as the immediate redemption of insurance companies’ debt to then independently collect damages from the insurer. However, the investigation found dozens of fraud cases with forged documents: European accident statements and examination of damages, designed to increase the amount of damage, even in cases where there was no accident. Currently, it was found more than 150 fictitious traffic accidents resulting in Rosgosstrakh wrongly exacted more than 8 million rubles to the deputies’ company.

During searches carried out in the offices of the company and affiliated firms, as well as in the place of Zverev’s residence, black accounting books were found. According to the records, one of the deputies received more than 50 million rubles in the past six months, the other earned more than 40 million rubles and their former colleague got more than 30 million.

Number of persons involved in the criminal case is more than 10 people. Two of them are placed under house arrest; another participant in the crimes is placed into custody (according to Federal Press’ sources, it is Fedor Litvinenko).

Note that the CrimeRussia had already mentioned these persons as participants of so-called Group of ZLO (first letters of Zverev-Litvinenko-Osipov (who died in 2013) names). All of them, Evgeny Schur and Evgeny Glazkov that joined them later had a dubious reputation in the region. In particular, they are associated with local criminal authorities - Vladimir Kadin, who was the local underboss, according to our data, and Stanislav Galkin (both killed). In particular, Osipov and Litvinenko co-owned with Kadin Informatsionnye Tehnologie Plus LLC. Agrofirma Voskhod LLC bound Stanislav Galkin with Fedor Litvinenko. Also Kadin, Galkin and Litvinenko were part of the urban public organization sports club Sporting-Volgograd, which president was Osipov.

Note that the information about connections and activity of the ZLO gang was repeatedly submitted for public discussion. In particular, before the elections to the City Duma in 2013, popular Front activist Edgar Petrosyan (at that time a member of the Edinaya Rossiya) sent a letter to the leadership of the party with a request to chuck out “people who are associated with corruption criminal cases” from the electoral list. In the list there were eight people, four of them were ZLO members, who were openly "associated with the OCG".

In addition, then State Duma Deputy Alexey Mitrofanov sent to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika a parliamentary inquiry "on the existing of administrative and corrupt system in the Volgograd region." According to him, the ‘tip’ of Volgograd was characterized as "a stable administrative and corrupt system of government consisting of representatives of the regional executive and judicial branches, as well as some leaders of law-enforcement structures of the region, the business community and criminality."

Nevertheless, members of the gang remained constantly afloat thanks to the patronage of superior officers. In particular, as we mentioned in our materials, in due time, former Mayor of Volgograd and now State Duma Deputy from the Edinaya Rossiya Irina Guseva provided support for them, in turn, ZLO ramrodded her for the post of Mayor.



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