Vladimir Kekhman goes bankrupt, his property sold by auction

Vladimir Kekhman goes bankrupt, his property sold by auction
Vladimir Kekhman

Founder of JFC Group of Companies and Head of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Vladimir Kekhman ran into 4 billion rubles worth of debt to banks.

The bankrupt entrepreneur’s property was sold by auction. Information on the auction was published in the Russian National Register of Bankruptcies.

For example, Kekhman’s cufflinks were sold for 70,000 rubles; they cost 115,000 rubles new. Another item sold at the auction was a Nikolaos the Wonderworker icon that went for 12.4 thousand rubles; it cost 425,000 rubles new. Moreover, Maria Rolskaya bought JFC for 55,000 rubles; the company’s market value technically amounts to 86 million rubles. What is more, Kekhman’s financial manager sold Bonanza International’s debts (technically amount to 14.2 million rubles) for 11,000 rubles.

264,000 rubles worth of items were sold during the auction. Meanwhile, their initial price amounted to more than 750,000 rubles.

The money is to be added to the amount Kekhman is to pay after having gone bankrupt.

There is 8 million rubles worth of items to be sold by auction. Once the last item is sold, the money made from selling them by auction are to be transferred to Kekhman’s bank account. The debtor will then have to distribute them between creditors, pay the financial manager, close the account, and file a bankruptcy report.

May we remind you that Vladimir Kekhman went bankrupt in September of 2015, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. His company JFC that used to be the biggest bananas importer ran into 18 billion rubles worth of debt to banks. It is worth mentioning Kekhman owed 4.5 billion rubles out of the 18 billion rubles to the Sberbank of Russia.

Raiffeisenbank filed a complaint to Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. The bank complained the Russian MIA Investigative Department did not do anything about Kekhman’s case. The bank insisted investigators were not willing to complete the investigation and refer the case listing Kekhman as a defendant to court as soon as possible.



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