Vladimir bank employee faces trial for taking millions in bribes

Vladimir bank employee faces trial for taking millions in bribes

A 59 y. o. employee of a for-profit bank is about to face trial.

The former Deputy Head of the Vladimisrky Front Office of a bank is accused of 'Bribery in a Prof it-making Organization.'

The suspected Moscow resident got a management job in the Vladimir arm of a for-profit bank in April of 2013, according to investigative agencies. The bank name was not specified. The man abused his official powers out of greed. He regularly helped a local entrepreneur get large loans and concealed multiple infringements of agreements from his supervisors. The entrepreneur paid the bank employee substantial sums of money in exchange.

The entrepreneur was proved to have paid the bank employee 5.7 million rubles from June 2013 to October 2014.

The entrepreneur offered the bank employee 2 million rubles as a ‘thank you payment’ when receiving yet another loan through the bank employee, according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. It is worth mentioning it was money he made by selling his Vladimir apartment.

The suspected Moscow resident has pleaded guilty. The court has released him on bail.

The case files with the approved indictment have been referred to court for further proceedings.



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