Video of detention of Mamaeva's ex-husband appeared on Internet 

Video of detention of Mamaeva's ex-husband appeared on Internet
Aleksandr Lipovoy

Aleksandr Lipovoy was detained red-handed by police.

The ex-husband of Alana Mamaeva, kickboxer Aleksandr Lipovoy, was detained back in February of this year, but it became known only now. A video of the arrest of the athlete also appeared on the Internet.

According to preliminary data, Lipovoy received a package of money from a man by the name of Prokhorov. According to the Lipovoy's lawyer, the kickboxer is the real victim. Some time ago, an athlete lended 4.5 million ($70,000) to Prokhorov "for business", but he never returned the debt. After that, Lipovoy made a statement about the former friend to the police. It is reported that in total Prokhorov borrowed from and did not return money to 22 people. Investigators opened a case under Swindling, where Lipovoy until recently was listed as a victim. Apparently, the kickboxer demanded to give him 10 million rubles ($155,000), in return promising to contribute to the termination of the criminal case. Prokhorov agreed, however, immediately after that he turned to the police, thus ditching the athlete for a second time. During the transfer of funds Lipovoy was detained. On the frames of the operative shooting, one can see how Prokhorov hands the packaged bills to the kickboxer.

Aleksandr Lipovoy is the ex-husband of Alana Mamaeva, the wife of a scandalous Krasnodar footballer, Pavel Mamaev, convicted of a brawl.

Video: Arrest of Aleksandr Lipovoy



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