Vice Prime Minister of Dagestan suspended from work pro tem

Vice Prime Minister of Dagestan suspended from work pro tem
Bilal Omarov

Three criminal cases have been initiated against Bilal Omarov.

On January 9, the Sovietsky District Court of Makhachkala adopted a decision of dismissal of Bilal Omarov, the Vice-Premier of Dagestan, Kommersant writes. According to the edition, the former official is charged within three criminal cases related to his possible illegal activities during his tenure as head of Zabokaspryvod FSUE.

The first criminal case against Omarov was initiated under Article 292 of the Criminal Code (Forgery). According to the investigation, Bilal Omarov, who then headed Zapkasprybvod, and his alleged accomplice, director general of Stroytekhnoholding Shamil Gamzaev, signed a lease agreement for nine units of special equipment worth 8.9 million rubles ($156.150) in 2013. Instead of nine units of equipment, only two were delivered, but according to false documents Zapkasprybvod received the full amount under the lease. Thus, the theft was 6.9 million rubles ($121.000).

Another criminal case was initiated in August last year on suspicion of fraud on an especially large scale and official forgery again. The investigation found that in December 2013, Omarov stole sturgeon species in the amount of 265 pieces for a total of 1.1 million rubles ($19.300). To conceal the crime, Omarov prepared fictitious documents on the transfer of fish to Shirokolsky Fish Plant LLC for storage.

The last case was initiated in October last year. Omarov is again accused of large-scale embezzlement, connected with the misappropriation of more than 3 million rubles ($52.600) allocated for special equipment fuel.

Bilal Omarov led Zapkasprybvod in 2012-2015. He was appointed the Deputy Prime Minister of Dagestan in November 2015.



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