Vice-president of Russian Kickboxing Federation arrested over budget funds' embezzlement

Vice-president of Russian Kickboxing Federation arrested over budget funds' embezzlement
Farigat Kasymov

Farigat Kasymov is arrested on the eve of international competitions.

Former vice-president of the Russian Kickboxing Federation and now head coach Farigat Kasymov is arrested on suspicion of budget funds’ embezzlement by the decision of the Central District Court of Chelyabinsk.

There were colleagues and athletes of Kasymov at the hearing. As the correspondent of URA.RU reports, they do not believe in the guilt of the kickboxing head coach.

The suspect asked the court to hold the hearing behind closed doors, but the petition was not granted. The defense has already stated that it will appeal the decision of the court - Kasymov was arrested on the eve of international competitions.

According to lawyer Nadezhda Solovieva, the prosecution against her client is a provocation. She notes that there is a "war for his post."

"The frame-up is feigned to weaken the position of Farigat Kasymov as a coach. That’s why his case is widely discussed. But people will remember that he was detained. They have caused an irreparable blow to his image and reputation. I know who did it. We will reveal it when the investigation is over. And my client will testify," the lawyer assures.

Kasymov is charged with four counts, the case materials states. The investigation believes that he appropriated the money allocated to the accommodation and meals of athletes during the competition.

These episodes relate to the Governor's Cup in Kickboxing in 2017, the World and European Championships and the Russian championship among professionals n.a. Bakhtiyar Mukhamedzyanov. By the way, the latter is one of the main witnesses of the prosecution, but he had already forgone his testimony and announced that the investigators exerted pressure on him. Kasymov's defense, in turn, is ready to provide evidence that the charges are the fake.

Kasymov is charged under part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (Misappropriation or Embezzlement). The violations were revealed by the Main Department for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region with the support of the regional FSB.



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