Vice-President of Probusinessbank arrested in absentia for embezzling $430mln

Vice-President of Probusinessbank arrested in absentia for embezzling $430mln

The Basmanny Court of Moscow has ruled to arrest former Vice-President of Probusinessbank Yaroslav Alekseev in absentia.

According to the investigative bodies, he is the main defendant in the case of 430-million-dollar embezzlement and is currently hiding in the US.

Yaroslav Alekseev is charged with embezzlements and misappropriation on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code). He is on the federal wanted list. Russian law enforcers intend to attract Interpol for his search and subsequent detention.

As ruled by the Basmanny Court, after Alekseev is detained on the territory of the Russian Federation, or extradited from abroad, he should be placed in custody for a minimum of 2 months.

At the same time, lawyer Armen Zadoyan has told the media, he had tried to appeal against this measure of restraint. He has failed to disclose the details of the case, referring to the non-disclosure agreement. ​

According to the investigation, Chairman of the Probusinessbank Board Aleksandr Zhelyaznyak and his deputy Aleksandr Lomov are also currently hiding from the Russian justice in the US. Both are internationally wanted.

It is noteworthy that the US and the Russian Federation have not signed an agreement on the extradition of accused or suspected persons. The Russian investigative authorities have to rely on the fact that the representatives of Probusinessbank, who had evaded justice, will be caught in the US due to violation of migration legislation and will be deported from the country.

Let us recall that the Basmanny Court of Moscow issued the ruling on the arrest in absentia of Lomov and Zhelyaznyak on April 26. Probusinessbank's license was revoked in August 2015, and the bank was declared bankrupt in October 2015. ​Back then, the Central Bank revealed large-scale swindling related to the withdrawal of assets. The amount of damage exceeded 34 billion rubles (585.6 million dollars).



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