Vekselberg is not concerned about T plus short-term difficulties

Vekselberg is not concerned about T plus short-term difficulties
Viktor Vekselberg

Oligarch commented on the loud corruption scandal involving his companies.

The Chairman of Renova Viktor Vekselberg commented on the Renova's case in the ceremony of launching of the combined cycle power plant in Yekaterinburg. The businessman said that T Plus is "highly professional company", successfully operating in 16 regions of the country. A corruption scandal involving top managers of Renova the oligarch disparagingly called "short-term difficulties."

Earlier, the Acting CEO Andrey Wagner claimed about the cooperation of the management of T plus with the investigation.

On September 8th, the Komi Prosecutor's Office stated that the information on bribes to former officials of the Republic from the top managers of IES was derived from the former Head of the region's Tariff Service Ilya Pervakov, who signed an agreement on cooperation with the investigation. Defendants in the case are the co-owner of the Renova group of companies Evgeny Olkhovik, the ex-CEO of PJSC T Plus Boris Vainzikher and the former CEO of VimpelCom Mikhail Slobodin.

Pervakov is accused himself of taking a bribe of 5.8 million rubles.



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