Uzbekistan demands to arrest foreign property of ex-President's daughter

Uzbekistan demands to arrest foreign property of ex-President's daughter
Gulnara Karimova

Uzbekistan's law enforcement agencies accuse Gulnara Karimova of stealing billions of dollars in various currencies being the part of organized crime group (OCG). The money and property the group also kept in Russia.⁠

The Uzbek General Prosecutor's Office demands the arrest of ex-President of the country Islam Karimov’s daughter Gulnara foreign property on charges of stealing billions of dollars in various currencies.

Today, July 28, the Prosecutor General's Office of Uzbekistan announced the arrest of Gulnara Karimova. She is charged under six articles of the Criminal Code: fraud, concealment of foreign currency, violation of customs legislation, violation of rules of trade or provision of services, forgery of documents and legalization of proceeds from crime. According to the investigation, the woman was part of a criminal group that siphoned off abroad $1.39 billion, €63.5 million, £27 million and 18.5 million Swiss francs. The money and property of the criminal group are in 12 countries, including Russia.

In particular, in the territory of Russia, participants of the criminal group deposit $6 million. Moreover, Karimova owns a penthouse in the residential complex Kamelot, a mansion on Rublevka and eight apartments in Moscow, as well as in Yalta - a hotel complex, a residential building and a land plot worth more than $2 million.

It is known that in 2014 Gulnara Karimov was already tried on five articles of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan (articles 165, 167, 179, 184, 227). She was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. Local media reported that the daughter of the President of the country is serving her sentence under house arrest.

Editor of the portal Daniil Kislov told RBC that the Prosecutor's Office of Uzbekistan first told about the verdict in 2014.

"The Uzbek Prosecutor General's Office once said that Ms Karimov, without indicating her position and that she was the daughter of the president, was arrested and convicted, but it was in passing and completely incomprehensible that it was about her, Kislov said. Today everything is very clear. But there are still a lot of questions: why the court was not opened, whether the lawyers participated there in due measure, why they were silent for so long, how long the second criminal case will be investigated."

According to Meduza, the criminal prosecution of Karimova is associated with her political ambitions: she was called a possible successor to her father as President of Uzbekistan. Recall that her father Islam Karimov led the country since 1989. He died in September 2016. Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziev took his office.



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