US refuses to extradite man accused of stealing 5 billion rubles

US refuses to extradite man accused of stealing 5 billion rubles
Sergey Danilochkin

US officials have formally refused to extradite Sergey Danilochkin, the CEO of Russian Volter Vols Asset Management, CJSC.

As reported by a Rosbalt’s source, the information came from the case file against the ‘King of Shell Companies’ taken over by the Moscow Presnensky court. The file shows that the Prosecutor General's Office had sent an extradition request to the US Ministry of Justice regarding Danilochkin who is on the Interpol wanted list. The official response came almost a year later with a refusal to extradite the businessman to the Russian Federation. It was after this that decision was made to try the case in absentia. The first hearing is scheduled to be held on January 25, 2016.

According to investigators, between February 2009 and December 2010, Danilochkin’s organized group made fictitious documents on the performance of affiliated companies and their counterparts. The documents were brought to the local Federal Tax Service for the tax deduction as a VAT refund.

An audit revealed over 5.1 billion rubles transferred into the accounts of organizations controlled by Danilochkin. The criminals used the money for their own purposes.



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